“I would certainly recommend Sara because she makes it fun and I’m learning. Pretty soon I’ll be a techie!”

Bradford Kroha
Northbrook, IL

Here's what people are saying about Computer Companion!

"The frustration that the older population has in learning the new language of technology is easily diffused by her patient and clear instruction. I feel confident in Sara's abilities knowing I can trust that each resident's needs will be taken care of on a personalized basis. I am very happy with the service she provides to the residents of our large retirement community." 

Krista Nordlund

Resident Life Director

Covenant Village of Northbrook

“The main thing was I got over the fear, the insecurity...I might say I would recommend it to anyone who has problems...getting an inferiority complex with their computer or their iPad. Don’t tolerate that, get help.“

Roy Robertson

Northbrook, IL